The American Barn Stables

There are Картинки по запросу The American Barn Stablesmany reasons people choose an American barn stable over a traditional stable. This is a system where horses are kept inside individual units built under one roof. The tack rooms and everything you need to manage the stable can all be put together under the same roof, enabling easy management of the entire barn.

American barn stabling is a modern and efficient alternative to traditional stabling and most of them offer great flexibility inside. The entire stables in this system are set around a central passage, thereby making the work environment efficient for stud farms and liveries. With everything kept under one roof, all kinds of weather work with this style of stabling.

Many other aspects need to be considered when choosing the right management system and living environment for a horse. For example, it is essential that the barn is well suited to the needs of the individual horses. Considering this, the stables may be disadvantageous to some extent as horses with allergies to hay or straw can be more difficult to manage. For some horses, the busy atmosphere will be stressful for them and infection spread rapidly in this kind of system.


  • American barn stables often built with grilles where the horses can to see each other from.
  • Each stable is connected to a central walkway which then leads to the yard. A wide central walkway even allows the possibility of dropping off shavings, hay and straw with a small vehicle.
  • High roofs allow for air circulation and rear windows allows horses to access fresh air.
  • It can usually accommodate large numbers of horses, all under one roof.

This style can also be very practical in building not only horse’s stables, but also car garages, workshops, boat sheds, housing caravans and storage rooms. This is to say that the buildings are fully customisable.