Stable Maintenance Cost

The cost of maintaining a horse ,or a stable full of horses, can depend on the breed and age of each horse. Further, where you live, and what you plan to do with the horses, has a lot to do with the care and maintКартинки по запросу ипподромenance of a stable. Some expenses may come as a surprise to you, so the easiest way to keep a stable may be to build it on your own property.


If you already have a yard to keep your horses in, then you must be willing to spend money on maintenance. First off, consider whether the yard is properly equipped. There has to be sufficient acres of well maintained space, and good pasture for the horses to graze on. Keeping a stable probably means you also intend to train or sell horses and horse supplies. So you can always generate an income to maintain your stable.

  • Food: You will be spending somewhere between 40 to 70 pounds every month on hay and supplements, and for those who feed their horses grain, they will be spending even more. Hay and feed are among the variable expenses in managing a stable, and should be calculated with that fact in mind. Such expenses depend upon how many horses you have, and sometimes on the weight of each horse.
  • Labor cost: This is another bulky management expense, so you should always take payroll taxes and other taxes into consideration when calculating labor costs.
  • Insurance: You will need insurance to cover any damage that occurs on your property, such as afire. Also, if a student is injured during a lesson, there is a possibility that you will be sued, so you should have an insurance to cover this in place.
  • Medical care: You should prepare yourself for the possibility of providing routine medical care for your horses. It always comes as an additional cost and includes de-worming and vaccination.