Stable Supplies and Equipment

Картинки по запросу Stable Supplies and Equipment

To keep your stable functional and well groomed, there are different items and equipments you should use in and around the stable. These equipments do not only include bridles and saddles, they include equipments for making both the yard and the stable a clean and safe environment for your horses. Several items are used for stable maintenance and things like first aid kit should not be found wanting in the stable. Cleaning equipment which include: shampoo, hoof pick, grooming brushes and sponges are the basics for grooming your horse. Water buckets, hay nets, feed buckets, rug and rubber mats are must haves inside the stable. They are the essentials. However, you should also have the following:

  • Shaving forks: They will be used to muck out shavings for stable beds.
  • Pitchforks: The pitchfork will be very useful where shavings or sawdust is used for bedding.
  • Brooms: When you need to collect the dirt from the inside of your stables, a long broom can be very useful for that. It can also be used to get rid of cobwebs.
  • Wheelbarrows: They are the best means for moving supplies and other things around.
  • Information boards and name plates: This allows everyone to see information regarding the horses inside the stable boxes.
  • Rake: Cleaning a stable can be hard work, and equipments like metal rake works very well when you need to gather dirts on ground.
  • Shovel: It makes clearing faster especially when you have to scoop dirts and droppings.
  • CCTV: Some people choose to have a CCTV equipment installed in the stable yard and also inside the stable boxes. This is supposed to help you keep an eye on the horses as well as the humans working on the stables. Also it will help you know what aspects of the stables are unsafe and which causes injuries to the horse.