Famous Stables

There are many famous stables around the world, some of which can be located inside big estates. Some of these estates are designed in a range of architectural styles and have added a lot of glamour. They all have superbly spacious stables and paddocks, riding rings and spectacular views.

Godolphin stables

Godolphin stables can be found in the desert area of the south of Dubai main city. An area that is known as a centre of equine excellence. It is today a state-of-the-art training yard with a swimming pool, equine spas and private grass. Godolphin stables has the capacity to accommodate and care for up to 115 horses. Horses bred at this stable have recorded many notable victories.

Sledmere House Stables

The stables were first built in 1780 and have been in constant use ever since. People come from all over the world to visit this magnificent stable as well as purchase the horses bred here. Its ground floor is open to visitors who wishes to explore. Most of the famous racehorses in the world, including straitlaced, spearmint, Scottish union, Polly Agnes and Grey Momus were bred here by the Sykes family.

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Blue Horse Stables

Blue Hors is one of Europe’s leading EU stallion center. It is among the most popular stables in Denmark. The stables are of the finest quality and every detail of it is stunning. They sell horses and use their own line of care and grooming products for their horses. They hope to promote and improve the breeding of sport horses.

Park House Stables, Kingsclere

Since its origin in the late 1860s, the facility is constantly being updated and extremely well-maintained. This has made it one of the best equipped and most beautifully private establishments in the world. The team at parks house stables cares wonderfully for the horses and they can achieve that because the stable is fully equipped and perfectly functional.